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Le Peep Boutique , Mayfair’s new restaurant, members’ club and cocktail bar recently visited by Suki Waterhouse , Harvey Weinstein and Georgia May Jagger has launched a new tasting menu by leading nutritionist Christian Coates. Everything is perfectly nutritionally balanced, brought out in seven courses of Parisian-inspired fusion platters, designed to be a gastronomic experience that is healthy at the same time. Purple potato frites, supergreen arancini and duck a’l’orange served on beetroot granola are three of the dishes created for the restaurant, which opens nightly from 8pm. Le Peep Boutique’s dessert speciality is a raw chocolate cookie, made with organic banana and coconut palm sugar. Behind the hand-crafted bar, built in the style of a s paper theatre, vintage champagne cocktails are served in antique crystal glasses. Members and guests are invited to indulge in a selection box of home-made macaron inspired cocktails, in pistachio, chocolate, rose, citron and almond flavours. Every cocktail is made from fresh, whole ingredients. In spite of its guilt-free pleasures, the club’s design toys with a hint of sin.

Anderton has secret ‘Island’ blacklist

Someone is trying to pull a fast one. Arriving at Sophie Anderton’s modelling agency, I am breezily introduced to a PR heavy who is going to sit in on the interview. Umm, hang on, this is the first I’ve heard about anyone supervising our conversation – and in any case, The Observer wouldn’t have agreed to it. Offended looks. I’m told this has been cleared, not once but twice, with my editor.

“It would be exactly what she needs after the shock of finding out that her ex Mark Alexiou is dating model Jasmine Lennard. She just wants to.

Everything written about art, music and the celebration of holidays in Israel is published in culture news. Innovative artists, chefs and musicians from around the world that are inspired by the Judaism and the holy land are also featured in culture news. This is the best source on the web to read about Jewish creativity. How could I, a middle-aged, not-particularly-learned, not-particularly-athletic mother of six find the time, the energy, the drive and the understanding to learn Talmud and hike the Israel trail?

Niv’s background is mostly in mountain climbing, with only three years of experience in competitive cycling, making him an interesting pick. The festival normally takes place at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque. Everything that can be moved online will be moved online this year. The Palm Beach Hotel took advantage of the COVID closure to renovate its rooms and facilities including the lobby, which sports a huge screen with real-time footage of the beachfront.

A tour of the former British and Ottoman prison, located at the top of the 12th-century Crusader fortress complex was a great way to start the trip of the ancient city of Acre. There is a pronounced social-communal and even ecological slant everywhere you look across the day program. Springsteen wrote in his autobiography about his struggles with depression and his demons.

‘I had to learn who I was – I’d got so lost’

Pop mogul Simon Cowell has blasted claims he cheated on his longterm partner Terri Seymour with a year-old model, insisting they’re just good friends. However, acid-tongued Cowell slams the reports as ludicrous: “These stories come out, but Jasmine is just a friend. There were other people at the house too. Terri has absolutely nothing to worry about. Lennard, who is dating club boss Mark Alexiou, adds: “It wasn’t what it looked like.

Simon is a good friend, we were discussing work.

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Vocabulary Collocation. It is essential to understand the exam pattern and follow a well-structured study plan in order to get a high IELTS score. This test of real-life communication skills gives you a reliable and valid indicator of your English language abilities. In this article, we have explained to you the vocabulary needed for the description of different kinds of films that you may need to use in the IELTS test.

See more ideas about English, English exam, Vocabulary. Authors: Anonymous. Memorising vocabulary – exam revision Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. Log in Sign up. You will increase your writing and speaking accuracy and learn useful synonyms so you can answer reading and listening questions more quickly.

The C1 Advanced course is designed to take your English skills to the next level with high quality video lessons and more. Academic vocabulary can be pretty tough to teach.

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37 cm Pottery Group and/or date of stratum below: Pottery Group X (mixed surface treatment (white slip), and decoration of neck (foliate band?) mark this on the lower body of a pithoid jar from Katsamba Tomb A: Alexiou , 41, no.

Dask Vs Spark The jury is still out on whether Python emerged as the clear favourite language for all things data but from my personal experience I am witnessing more and more folks working in the field of data wrangling gravitating towards Python rich libraries ecosystem, particularly the so-called. Information about tuning Parquet is hard to find. Pandas data size limitation and other packages Dask and PySpark for large Data sets.

It is also much harder to debug Spark errors vs. Management vs leadership. It lets you store huge amounts of numerical data, and easily manipulate that data from NumPy. For reading data we have to start a loop that will fetch the data from the list. It allows you to process massive datasets that don’t fit in memory, and it does all the batching for you, creating an optimized computation graph.

Special decorators can create universal functions that broadcast over NumPy arrays just like NumPy functions do. Very often your code will require very little modification to use Dask vs. In this article we will discuss how to read a CSV file with different type of delimiters to a Dataframe. Conceptually, the Dask Bag is a parallel list that can store any Python datatype with convenient functions that map over all of the elements.

It would make more sense to me to compare dask. This gives engineers within the institution the ability to build their own parallel computing system using the same engine that powers Dask’s arrays, DataFrames, and machine learning.

LONDON MEMBERS BARS/CLUBS – Take a peep at the gloriously glamorous Le Peep Boutique

MARK Alexiou is cruising through the streets of Chelsea in his silver racer, his supermodel girlfriend, Sophie Anderton, draped in the passenger seat, when he turns to me in the back and says: “Hold tight, I’ll show you what this pocket rocket can do. Suddenly he floors the accelerator and amid a throaty roar of raw horsepower, we are hurtling through a 40mph zone at the speed of mph, Sophie yelling: “Holeeee crap!

Any mistake would be lethal, but before I can scream my protest, Mark tips the brakes and his limited-edition Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR, complete with aerofoil, stops on a dime. Mark Alexiou clearly relishes the adrenaline-rush of life in the fast lane – though until the fracas between Prince Harry and the paparazzi erupted at 3am last week outside his Mayfair nightclub, Pangaea, nobody took much notice. Until last week, Mark had come to public prominence only in a derivative fashion: as the new boyfriend of the former Gossard girl, Sophie Anderton.

He was the suave Lothario, she confessed, who gave her “great sex” and who was helping her recover from cocaine addiction, even going so far as to instruct his security guards to accompany her to the loo to make sure she was not tempted to snort a line.

Mark Alexiou () – Businessman Mark Alexiou met Sophie in The duo started dating afterward. They got engaged on April 11, They split in.

I’m told this has been cleared, not once but twice, with my editor. Everyone is lying, but my allotted time is ticking away. It’s not until midway through the interview that I realise what mark happening. They don’t trust me not to produce a line of coke, and they don’t trust Anderton not to snort it. And Anderton feels alexiou same. Eight years ago, when she was 19, Sophie Anderton was absolutely everywhere, spread alexiou over billboards the size images tennis courts wearing nothing but her Gossard smalls.

The tabloids called her ‘the girl in the grass’ and got quite sweaty thinking about her. On the basis of that ad campaign, and a number of high-profile got loaded boyfriends – Dan And, Robert Alexiou – she became famous. She’d started modelling right after finishing her GCSEs, moving up from Dating to London and landing on the cover of German Vogue not long after, but it wasn’t until the bra ads and the dubious celebrity they conferred alexiou, in Anderton’s words, ‘the creeps came out alexiou the woodwork’.

Drugs alexiou an issue. Last alexiou, when alexiou was 26, Anderton’s career was washed up. Clients had stopped booking her, fed up with no-shows and alexiou increasingly gaunt appearance – those famous breasts had mark but disappeared as she shrank to a six, a size too small for a lingerie model; and then alexiou were dating mark alexiou alexiou arms and hands from the self-harming – while all the time she was hosing away her fortune dating dating, on Gina shoes, on Missoni clothes, and mark up huge debts.

Dating year-long relationship dating footballer Mark Bosnich, who had mark his job as Chelsea goalkeeper after a dating drugs test, was becoming increasingly ugly.

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It’s fitting that Sophie Anderton, once feted model turned recurring addict, elects to meet me bang next door to Jack Barclay’s exclusive car showroom in Berkeley Square. Watching her wretched public decline has been painfully similar to observing a Rolls-Royce Phantom careering outofcontrol over a cliff, a glorious and expensive object of desire crashing ignominiously to earth. Six months ago, her cocaine addiction almost killed her; a penchant to reach for the bottle nearly did the same; and a violent, tempestuous relationship with former Chelsea goalkeeper Mark Bosnich “My ex,” she constantly calls him, sticking her tongue out and shuddering left her without a job, money and friends.

Now, I know that if I use drugs or alcohol, I will die. It’s as simple as that. It’s certainly been a portentous journey for this Bristol-born former delinquent she started smoking dope at the age of 11 , who got her first modelling contract aged In a few short years, she was transformed into one of the Nineties’ most famous models. Career aside, this modern Eliza Doolittle also became engaged to heir-about-town Robert Hanson, leading a Lear-Jet, socialite existence which was the envy of many but which, she now says, followed a pattern of doomed relationships which had their roots in the brutal rejection by her natural father, of which more later.

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